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    Gin & Tonic-glögg 2.2% pack of 3

    Drinking spiced, warm wine is something we’ve been doing up here in the cold north since 1609. It’s said that Gustav Vasa spiced his wine with cinnamon and clove. Who are we to argue? A couple of centuries later, in 19th century India, British officials, suffering from both heat and malaria invented tonic. As protection against malaria they added quinine, made from the cinchona tree bark to their drinks, blended it with sugar and spices and a classic was born. As we are great fans of both Glögg & Tonic / Heat & Chill / we started combing the two, warmed it up and loved the result. You will too. Warming mankind. Swedish Tonic


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  • Grapefruit Tonic Syrup Limited Edition

    This grapefruit tonic syrup is made with refreshing grapefruit, real cinchona bark, agave syrup & juniper for a kick. Works great together with soda water & gin or simply as a bitter in other cocktails. Available as a limited edition. 


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  • Swedish Tonic Water Elderflower

    Tonic Water Elderflower Pack of 12

    This tonic water is infused with natural elderflower. It's made with real cinchona bark, refreshing citrus, juniper for a kick and fresh sparkling water. The rest is up to you.


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  • Swedish Tonic Syrup Swedish Tonic Syrup

    Swedish Tonic Syrup

    This tonic syrup is amber and made with real cinchona tree bark, cooked with hand pressed citrus, agave for sweetness and juniper for a botanically crafted recipe. The rest is up to you. One bottle is enough for about 10 drinks.


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  • Swedish Tonic Gift Box Premium

    Swedish Tonic Gift Box

    The ultimate gift. Contains 1 Swedish Tonic Syrup, 4 coasters in black metal, 4 straws in stainless steel, 1 black jigger and one recipes booklet. Delivered in a very nice matt black box.


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