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  • Take your gin & tonic to a new level Handcrafted Swedish Tonic Syrup

    Swedish Tonic Syrup

    Our original tonic syrup! Mix it with carbonated water and create an amazing Gin & Tonic or use it in other cocktails. One bottle lasts for about 10 cocktails.


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  • Organic tonic water from Sweden Swedish Tonic Water Original

    Tonic Water Original pack of 12

    Swedish Tonic Water is our carbonated and ready to drink tonic! Enjoy as it is ice cold or mix it with your favourite gin. Based on Swedish Tonic Syrup. Sold in packs of 12.


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  • Organic Swedish Tonic Water Peach Peach Tonic Swedish Tonic

    Tonic Water Peach pack of 12

    Organic tonic water made with natural peach. Carbonated and ready to drink as it is, or mix with your favourite gin. Sold in packs of 12.


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  • Gift Box Swedish Tonic Swedish Tonic Gift Box Premium

    Swedish Tonic Gift Box

    The ultimate gift! Contains 1 Swedish Tonic Syrup, 4 matt black coaster, 4 cocktail spoons/straws, 1 jigger & 1 recipe booklet. Everything delivered in a nice black box.


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  • Soda Water Created by Swedish Tonic

    Soda Water pack of 12

    Highly carbonated soda water great for our tonic syrup as well as other cocktails. Very fresh and natural taste.


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  • Cocktail Shaker by Swedish Tonic Swedish Tonic Cocktail Shaker

    Swedish Tonic Shaker

    Swedish Tonic Cocktail Shaker in stainless steel. The bottom and strainer is black plated. Delivered in a nice black box. Something every mixologist need at their home.


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  • Bar spoon matte black Swedish Tonic Bar Spoon Black

    Swedish Tonic Bar Spoon

    Matte black bar spoon is a must in every home! Buy yours and start mixing extraordinary cocktails. Delivered in a nice black box.


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