Swedish Tonic Syrup


The original Swedish Tonic syrup! Mix it with carbonated water to create your own tonic that you can use in a classic Gin & Tonic and in a variety of other cocktails. The best thing is that you can adjust the strength of the tonic after your own preferences. One bottle lasts for about 10 cocktails if you use our standard recipe: 40-60 ml gin, 20ml Swedish Tonic Syrup & 100-150 ml carbonated water. Buy 2 bottles and get free shipping!

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Why Swedish Tonic?


We cook Swedish Tonic with out own hands to ensure that every batch gets lots of love and good stuff.

Real Ingredients

We cook Swedish Tonic with real stuff, not fake, to ensure that every batch gets lots of love and good stuff.

Highest Quality

Swedish Tonic is the highest quality on the market! Why? Because we use the best ingredients we can find!.

The Ingredients

Chinchona bark is the main ingredient in tonic water. It’s what gives it its color and distinctive taste.

Citrus fruit is the other main ingredient in tonic, giving it the fruitiness and recognizable acidity.

To give Swedish Tonic it’s unique tonic flavor we use lemongrass and other spices to add flavour and character.