You can call us entrepreneurs, business people, slashers. Whatever. It’s completely up to you. We simply do the things we believe in. We try, fail, try again, joke around, solve issues, screw up, win. And refuse to do things like they’ve always been done (unless they make a huge amount of sense). We can prove that having fun is not the opposite of being serious.

When people tell us something won’t work, we get a hell of a motivation. We simply HAVE to do it.

And, when things get really sticky, – like when 3000 cans were delivered unglued and we had to hand-glue them for a competition with one minute to spare – we shrug it off and work even harder.

Never compromise. Always enjoy.

Have you ever seen a trasparent tree?

The starting point for Swedish Tonic was simple. We wanted a really good tonic. Couldn’t find one we liked. Realized we could make it better ourselves. Everything we saw was transparent. It didn’t make sense. Tonic is made from Chinchona Bark – it’s a tree bark. Have you ever seen a transparent tree? We started pressing, mixing and cooking. 2 guys, 3 guys, a team. Each success was followed by a disaster; Bottles exploded. 20 pallets of boxes arrived to our apartments. We couldn’t store them. Our 3000 jiggers we received had the wrong measurements. Drinks turned diabolic. Not in a good way. Tried again. Friends were getting enthusiastic. Others too. Words spread. New friends. Bloggers. Food folks. In Sweden and all over Europe. The secret?

Swedish Tonic is truly unique. No junk. Only great stuff. Amber syrup, not transparent. Crafted in small batches. For real. Brewed, strained, blended, filled, sealed and labeled by hand. Our hands. Real chinchona bark. Freshly pressed citrus. Agave for sweetness and juniper for the bite.

The rest is up to you.

This is what type of company we are

Our heritage is our craftsmanship and knowledge based on the hand brewed tonic tradition, but our ambition goes beyond tonic. Way beyond. We offer products and tools that makes an experience of your drinks. Our products are as natural in the bar, at home as they are at the beach. Our ambition is to be the go-to partner with a wide range of drinks, tools and experiences.

We say: Don’t serve a drink, serve a story. It might just change your world.

Strong purpose

If you are for everyone, you are for no one. Our target group are experience seekers, taking every opportunity to maximize moments in life. They crave natural ingredients and prefers brands with a strong purpose that offers both quality and a story.


There are other beverage companies out there, and other tonic producers. But none like us. We bring people together and make it easy to socialize. Invite the wow-factor and excite at the dinner party, at the bar, even a quencher at the beach deserves something extra.

Curious conscious

Our reason to be is serving products born from curiousness – we’ve learnt that you can’t beat natural ingredients, sweet agave and real cinchona which makes it deliciously amber. It’s always handcrafted in detail and (unexpectedly) good for the world. A natural born ice-breaker that makes experiences worth remembering.

We are Swedish Tonic. Hear us out.

If you could bottle the party of your life, this is what it would look like. We work with a pocketful of gut feeling and a lot of know-how. We’re always on the edge, never predictable, always exciting - bringing people together. Hand brewed tonic with real cinchona bark and great tools that will take your drink experiences to new heights, that’s our style. Proper stuff, high quality. Our drinks are anti artificial and anti transparent. Unlike the sugary drinks you are used to. We are born ice-breakers who happen to love to tell stories worth sharing. We do it for the likes, the hates, the loves and for the wtfs.

With or without alcohol?


March 2016

The first bottles of tonic syrup are being cooked at Gustaf's home in his kitchen in Uppsala.

March 2016

Labels are cut off at Uppsala commune where Gustaf & Anton were first active at

April 2016

The number of orders is increasing more and more on our newly fresh website

June 2016

Production moves to "Östgöta Nation" in Uppsala

July 2016

Östgöta Nation was a bit too small and the production is now moving to a jam factory outside of Uppsala

April 2017

Stockholms Beer & Gin-festival 2017

October 2017

The process of our new brand design begins together with Pond Design

October 2017

The number of e-commerce orders is increasing more & more

December 2017

Nobel Night Cap 2017

December 2017

The small office is filled with packages for Christmas 2017

February 2018

Designtorget started selling Swedish Tonic

February 2018

Gin & Tonic semla (Swedish bun) is produced together with Gateau

Augusti 2018

Party train to the famous festival "Way Out West" together with Hoss Agency



Anton Askenström, Co-founder & Head of Digital +46 703997186

Gustaf Ytander, Co-founder & CEO +46 761363336

Benjamin Mangell, Head of Expansion & Sales +46 763151541

Awards & Prices

Swedish Tonic has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally in the past years. 2019 we the Swedish Design Awards and 2020 we won gold in Pentawards, one of the most prestigious competitions within packaging design.

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