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Our range contains many exciting flavors of tonic, other mixers, mulled wine, schnapps & bar accessories that take your cocktail experience to a new level. Shop safely & choose home delivery from UPS or DHL at checkout. 2-3 days delivery.

Swedish Tonic Syrup

For The Mixologist

Swedish Tonic Syrup is made for those who loves to experiment and control every aspect of their drink. Mix with carbonated water to make a classic gin & tonic or use it as a syrup in a variety of other cocktails.

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Swedish Tonic Water

For the lazy

Don’t worry, we are lazy sometimes as well! Swedish Tonic Water is our carbonated and ready to drink tonic. Enjoy as is (ice cold) or mix with gin to make an extraordinary gin & tonic.

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Swedish Tonic is handcrafted to make sure that every batch gets the love it deserves.

Real ingredients

We work only with real high quality ingredients instead of aromas, additives & white sugar.

Highest quality

Swedish Tonic is the highest quality on the market! Why? Because we use the best ingredients there are.

Awards & Prices

Swedish Tonic has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally in the past years. 2019 we the Swedish Design Awards and 2020 we won gold in Pentawards, one of the most prestigious competitions within packaging design.

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