Christmas Gift Guide

The search for the perfect gift is over. The coziest holiday of the year is here, do not let stress and pressure to spoil this time. We have something that appeals to everyone, even to the one who already has everything. Without compromising, we have great stuff  for you to put under the Christmas tree, even for your difficult-to-charm mother-in-law. 


To the orderly, who always wants to deliver with style and perfection. The pourers prevents overdose and ensures that the perfectionist delivers on point. A pair of nice pourer is a must for the serious or unserious drink mixer. Four matte black drip caps, packed in a stylish matte black tube, make them a perfect Christmas present for the perfectionist or careless messy Sally.  Swedish Tonic Pourers 8 EUR. 


Christmas lasts until Easter, reads one of our most popular Christmas tunes. So why not extend the Christmas peace with our immensely popular GT mulled wine with refined Christmas flavours. Two genuine traditions meet in a bottle with the best of both worlds. Tonic syrup, gin, cinnamon, cloves, allspice and star anise in an exciting and warm, or if desired cold encounter. Gin & Tonic mulled wine 20 EUR. 


Measured and poured, the right tool gives perfect results. Time for the sister who has always offered bitter and tasteless drinks to step up. The Christmas present itself does not reveal your previous undrinkable experiences when she was responsible for the drink mix, but with a measuring glass in hand, it can only get better. Swedish Tonic Measuring Glass, 8 EUR. 


Serving a drink without a straw can be likened to walking well-dressed with dirty shoes. The right drink deserves a festive straw. Serve with style and finesse for both the guest and the planet. 

Give a couple of stylish and reusable straws to the sister or aunt who has an eye for detail in both the present and the future. Ten metal straws in stainless steel, sold in a nice cardboard tube. Also included is a brush to facilitate cleaning. Swedish Tonic Straws , 10-pack, 15 EUR. 


Giving your family the right gift can be tough, especially on Christmas when all the cousins / nephews / friends are meeting up and mixed unevenly. 

Let the drink mix remain perfect with a classic cocktail spoon. Stir up unforgettable cocktails every time, whether it’s drinkable artwork or powerful blends of different flavours. Let your, or someone else’s mix be as perfect as desired. 

Give it to the bar professional, to uncle, or perhaps to father-in-law to attract his hidden drinking talents. Matt black cocktail spoon with balanced weight and stylish design in brushed steel with black plating that makes it a must in every bar cabinet. Swedish Tonic Bar Spoon , 20 EUR. 


Our sense of taste is one of the most important senses. Why no to treat that sense with the highest respect by giving it the perfect glass to drink from? In collaboration with Orrefors , we have the perfect gift for the connoisseur. Whether it’s little brother, big sister or your slightly picky mother-in-law. Available in four different models, sell in a pack of four, 50 EUR.


Give a gift that brings the thoughts and taste buds to another place. Let Grandma be reminded of the rhubarb in the country when she mixes her gin & tonic, or why not give away the classic syrup to anyone who has (or should) keep track of gin & tonic’s play. Mixed with carbonated water or with a good gin. Can also be used as a seasoning in a variety of other drinks. Tonic Syrup Rhubarb , 20 EUR. 


Shake up memories from a bygone era, to the relative who lived as a bartender and wants to revive his shaking skills. Or to the grandparents who should expand the otherwise traditional range of kitchens with shocking content. Collect your favorite drinks and give away an inspiring and handwritten drink recipes together with a stylish shaker in stainless steel. Swedish Tonic Shaker , 45 EUR. 


How many adjectives should be added to describe and create an understanding of how good this tonic syrup is. Whether it is to be eaten by a true Christmas lover or not, this year’s recipe is refined as the star at the top of the Christmas tree. Flavored with Christmas spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and allspice. Perfect for mixing with gin and carbonated water and garnish with cinnamon stick or orange zest, (even without gin for a good non-alcoholic variant). The perfect getaway gift for the long weekends. Christmas Spice , 20 EUR. 


He has always been at the forefront, been a little better than you and had a little more control over the situation. Of course, he neither eats nor drinks anything half-hearted, but prefers real ingredients to sugar and flavorings. Do not let Santa disappoint him, the popular tonic syrup that is diluted with carbonated water is the perfect given gift. In this way, he himself determines the strength of his tonic and will not disappoint the drinking guests. In addition, the syrup naturally contains quinine from cinchona bark. A perfect Christmas present for the connoisseur. Swedish Tonic Syrup 500 ml, 40EUR / 200ml, 20 EUR. 


We all know at least one. The one who never does anything half-hearted but goes in wholeheartedly for everything. A year ago it was cross-country skiing, recently it was paddle and now it is drink perfection. She or he not only buys one or two products for the newfound lovers, but buys a whole set. Now that the next challenge is on the doorstep, it is important that everything is available. Give away a box with the entire series: tonic syrup, measuring glass, matt black coasters in metal and cork, shaker, bar spoon and ten straws in steel. For The Mixologist- the entire series for 100 EUR instead of 140 EUR. 


Give away a gift where he / she can master and serve one hundred percent top drinks with or without alcohol. The blackcurrant taste is reminiscent of the endless berry picking in the country and delivers a taste with a certain bitterness in the face of sourness. Mix with carbonated water, add gin for some extra love. Tonic Syrup Blackcurrant , 20 EUR.

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