Real Tonic Can’t Be Transparent

Tonic from real stuff,
nothing else

Swedish Tonic is a handcrafted tonic syrup and tonic water made by hand from natural ingredients. Instead of using aromas and additives we use real cinchona bark which makes our tonic deliciously amber.


We cook Swedish Tonic with out own hands to ensure that every bottle gets the love it deserves!

Real Ingredients

Swedish Tonic is made with real stuff, not fake, to ensure that both you and your body will love our tonic!

highest quality

Swedish Tonic is the highest quality tonic on the market! Why? Because we use the best ingredients out there!




Tonic syrup or tonic water

It’s up to you

  • Gift Box Swedish Tonic Swedish Tonic Gift Box Premium

    Swedish Tonic Gift Box

    The ultimate gift! Contains 1 Swedish Tonic Syrup, 4 matt black coaster, 4 cocktail spoons/straws, 1 jigger & 1 recipe booklet. Everything delivered in a nice black box.


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  • Take your gin & tonic to a new level Handcrafted Swedish Tonic Syrup

    Swedish Tonic Syrup

    Our original tonic syrup! Mix it with carbonated water and create an amazing Gin & Tonic or use it in other cocktails. One bottle lasts for about 10 cocktails.


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  • Organic tonic water from Sweden Swedish Tonic Water Original

    Tonic Water Original pack of 12

    Swedish Tonic Water is our carbonated and ready to drink tonic! Enjoy as it is ice cold or mix it with your favourite gin. Based on Swedish Tonic Syrup. Sold in packs of 12.


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How it works

Swedish Tonic Syrup

for the mixologist

Swedish Tonic Syrup is for you who loves to experiment and control every aspect of your drink. Mix with carbonated water to make a classic gin & tonic or use it is a syrup in a variety of other cocktails.

Swedish Tonic Water

for the lazy

Don’t worry! We are lazy sometimes as well! Swedish Tonic Water is our carbonated and ready to drink tonic. Enjoy as it is (ice cold) or mix with gin to make an extraordinary gin & tonic.

The Ingredients

Cinchona bark

Chinchona bark is the main ingredient in tonic water and from where the bitterness comes from. Our tonic is deliciously amber instead of transparent because we use the actual bark instead of aromas and additives.

Instead of sugar we use agave syrup in Swedish Tonic

Agave syrup

We use agave syrup from the agave cactus instead of sugar in Swedish Tonic. Agave has a much a much broader spectrum of sweetness that enhances the flavours in your gin, instead of killing them like sugar does.


Instead of using aromas we use real citrus fruits


Instead of using aromas and additives we use carefully select sun-riped lemon, lime and oranges in Swedish Tonic to balance up the bitterness from the cinchona bark and sweetness from the agave syrup. We also add lemongrass, juniper & allspice.

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